Thursday, September 21, 2006

You Won't Hear This Often...

...but it looks like I may have been mistaken. About 10 days ago, I posted my opinion about the whole "Survivor: Cook Islands" contraversy. I haven't changed my mind about anything as far as my opinion goes, but I do have to say that I expected the four tribes to be merged into two tribes during the second episode and I no longer believe that is going to happen. All of the previews I have seen seem to indicate that the tribes will remain racially divided all the way through the second episode. So, I apologize for being wrong.

However, I did notice while watching the first episode, that none of the castaways had any problems being racially divided. In fact, most of the tribes were excited to be able to "represent" their people and disprove stereotypes. Besides, the first challenge involved several puzzles, so the Asian-Americans were glad they were all on the same team.......J/K!

BTW, you can view the full episodes of Survivor, as well as full episodes of other CBS shows, for FREE by going to and clicking on "Innertube" in the extreme left column halfway down the page.

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