Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My New Car Is Broken...

Anyone who knows me is very aware of the fact that I recently got a new car. I am totally in love with it and completely obsessed by it. It's a 2006 Pontiac Torrent and I highly recommend them if anyone cares. Unfortunately, I did have to take my car into the dealer today for some work. What happened was, last Thursday, as I woke up and stumbled through the house to the bathroom, I noticed I could hear a weird noise. My first instinct was that the tornado sirens were going off outside, yet I knew the noise wasn't actually loud enough for it to be the sirens. So, I went around the house and turned off all the fans, the dryer, etc. so I could determine where this sound was coming from.

I followed it to the front door and when I went outside I discovered my car horn was going off. It apparently had been blaring for quite some time because by the time I got up and heard it, it was definately dying. I ran back in, grabbed my keys, unlocked the door and tapped the horn on the steering wheel. That made it stop, but when I tried to honk it again it made the sickest little burp of a sound.

So, I took it in today and they are ordering a new horn for it. In a few days they will call me to bring the car in and I will have to leave it overnight while they replace the horn and alarm system. Luckily it's under warranty and they will provide a car for me to drive. They made sure there were no shorts in the electrical system, but there is no indication of what caused the horn to set itself off and get stuck. All I know is I probably had some pissed off neighbors that day.

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Clint Moore said...

I hope you are not having any more electrical problems with your new car. With regular maintenance checks, you will be assured that your vehicle is always at its best shape. Drive safely!