Friday, September 22, 2006

Excellent...But Is It That Excellent?

Recently, E! (Entertainment Channel) has been counting down the "101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments" featuring the best skits and performances from all the past years of Saturday Night Live. Tonight I got a chance to see the top 5. And they were all really good. In fact, even though I didn't see all 101, I did watch several different episodes of the countdown and it was filled with all the classic skits and characters. Too many to even try to mention here.

But the top 5 were the ones I was most excited about. After all of the absolutely hilarious sketches that had already been shown, I couldn't wait to see clips that were even better than those. I'm not gonna give you a recap of all 5, you should really try to catch the show and watch them for yourselves. But I will ruin the fun and tell you who won the #1 spot.

It was the "Wayne's World" skit starring Mike Meyers (Wayne) and Dana Carvey (Garth) that featured Aerosmith as guests in Wayne's basement. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Wayne and Garth, I really do. I also really like Aerosmith. I think the "Wayne's World" skits were vvveeerrrryyy funny. I even owned the movie at one time. However, when you have all those years of sketches from all those classic actors and actresses who were players on the show, I just don't see how "Wayne's World" can top them all. Certainly it should be towards the top. After all, that skit spawned two movies and a whole new way of speaking. But, is it more unforgettable than Gilda Radner, Eddie Murphy or Chris Farley? Maybe the problem is that I'm a huge fan of Farley.

Either way, the whole show was fun to watch and I got to see a lot of really great, classic skits. I recommend it to anyone who ever laughed at Saturday Night Live

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