Tuesday, September 12, 2006

There Goes My Fantasy Football Scores...

For the first time ever, I joined a Fantasy Football League this year. Now, the KC Chiefs happen to be my favorite football team, but it's based on just die-hard loyalty to the team and not because of their win/loss ratio. I know they suck, but I have to root for them. However, when it came to drafting players for my Fantasy team, I was more concerned about earning points than I was about recruiting Chiefs. It just so happened that because of the way the live draft went I ended up with Trent Green as my starting quarterback.

Well, as luck would have it he was injured in the first game of the season. He suffered a severe concussion and will be out for several weeks. Regardless of the fact that he is my Fantasy starting quarterback, it was a really scary looking hit. He laid on the field completely motionless for over 11 minutes before they took him off on a back board and stretcher. Fortunately, the x-rays revealed no neck injury and he did regain feeling in his limbs while in the hospital.

The biggest problem my Fantasy team faces with Trent out is that my back-up is Ben Roethlisberger, who underwent an emergency appendectomy a little over a week ago. So, he is questionable for the upcoming week. Guess that will force me to use my 3rd string, Chad Pennington. Of course, Chad had a good week this week and if I would have started him I would have made a lot more points. I hope he can repeat the performance during his next game. There's a lot more to running a Fantasy Football team than I ever imagined there was.

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