Monday, June 13, 2011

Hey You Kids, Get Off My Lawn

Today, while driving through the parking lot of my apartment complex, I came up behind 3 kids who were walking down the center of the lot. As I pulled up behind them, 2 of them moved out of the way; the third one, a boy of about 12, turned around and held his arms up acting like he dared me to hit him. I smiled and waved and he moved slowly off to the side. I just wrote it off as him clowning around, being funny for his friends.

But then, as i drove by them, he ran up behind me and smacked the back of my car. I'm sure he was still showing off and probably thought he was being funny, but it just instantly went right through me. It was a tad dangerous, he could have gotten hurt. It was disrespectful for him to treat my car that way. It pissed me off. I immediately slammed on my brakes and opened my door to pretend I was getting out and they all screamed and took off running.Obviously I would not have done anything to him, just wanted to scare him a but. But now I'm sitting here feeling like a curmudgeonly old person. Stupid kids anyway.