Saturday, September 16, 2006


Well, according to the Churches' Advertising Network, a group operating in the UK to help provide Christian advertising, he would join just like everyone else has. The url for the new myspace page is

According to the article found at Metro Radio: "Jesus Christ has joined MySpace with an online page advertising his love of beards, extreme water-skiing and the Life of Brian.

It's part of a campaign by the Churches' Advertising Network to provoke debate about God among young people this Christmas.

Posters showing the face of Jesus in beer foam in a pint glass will be accompanied by the question: "Where will you find him?""

Now, I'm all about finding a way to reach your target audience for advertising purposes and I will admit that if you want to reach today's youth then is definately where you will find them. However, I don't understand the beer foam thing. I wonder if they're currently working on a poster featuring the likeness of Jesus being formed from the smoke billowing up from a joint held by a 16 year old? I mean, I can kinda see where they are going with it, but not really. And will the 13 year olds on myspace figure out what they mean or will they just process the picture as Jesus likes beer, so beer is okay?

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