Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Failed Adventure

When I woke up Saturday afternoon at 2:30pm (I work 3rd shift and go to bed around 9:00am) to answer the phone, it was way too pretty outside to go back to sleep. So, I decided to do a little bit of exploring in the city. I have always been very familiar with Springfield when it came to finding an address, but until moving here recently I had never realized there were so many beautiful city parks.

Unfortunately, I had not managed my time efficiently this summer (combined with the fact that I don't want to explore alone) so I have not yet had the opportunity to visit many of the parks yet. Which is why I decided that I should take advantage of a clear, cool Saturday afternoon by checking out Sequiota Park. Since the Blues Fest and the Japanese Fall Festival were both in town, I figured it would be a good time to go and not have to worry about a big crowd. As usual, my figuring was a little off. Damn, I hate math.

I had actually convinced my brother and a friend to head down there with me and check out the caves, so it was a little disappointing to see how crowded the whole area was. We spent a few minutes looking at everything, but we really didn't stay very long. I had wanted to take some good photos of the place, but there were no opportunities to take a picture without a stranger (or 7) in it. So, I didn't bother taking a single one.

Don't get me wrong, I like people and I am happy that families are out in the parks playing and spending time together. I didn't expect the place to be deserted. I even like kids. But somehow, the amount of people standing in all the same spots we wanted to stand and all the kids running, climbing and screaming just didn't make it a very enjoyable trip. It was hard to have a conversation and hard not to hear everyone elses. So, we left and chowed down at Applebees instead. The food and conversation was excellent, but I sure wish Sequiota Park would have been emptier so we could have still been there. Oh well, guess I will just have to go on a Thursday morning while the kids are in school. I bet it won't be as crowded then.

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