Friday, September 08, 2006

Allow Myself To Introduce Myself

Let me start by explaining why this page is titled Rosey's Ramblings. First, my screen name is roseykrh, that's simple enough. Second, because this blog is seriously going to be just a bunch of random ramblings. You see, I'm kind of a strange person in that I can go from Ann Coulter, to Madden NFL '07, to Wil Wheaton, to SpongeBob SquarePants in a matter of minutes. So there's no point in having anyone expecting to see posts about certain subjects. Because with me, you just never know.

Politics, local interests, sports, geekiness, cartoons, games and music - these are just a few of the many things you may find here. If any of you are interested in any of those subjects, you may actually enjoy this madness.

Tags: Rambling

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