Friday, September 15, 2006

It's My Birthday!!

Today is not only my birthday, it's the birthday of millions of other people all around the world. More importantly, Marshall and Dillon (my twin nephews) turn 10 today. I can't believe how quickly kids can grow!

Anyway, I am at work. By myself. In the middle of the night. Working alone. So, no body will....what the hell? freakin're never going to believe this. I swear this is a true story. Right as I was typing this entry I heard someone come in the main door of the office. I turned around and there stood my two friends Charlie and Rachael holding a homemade birthday cake for me. I am so not lying. It was 1:13 in the morning when they came in and they both have real jobs to be at in like 7 hours. How freaking cool is it that they just delivered a cake for me.

I showed them what I had just typed about being at work by myself in the middle of the night and we all thought it was pretty crazy. My birthday has just barely gotten started and already it's totally awesome. It is totally amazing to have friends who will stay up way late and bring you a cake at 1:13am.

Wow, and it's a homemade cake too. Chocolate with chocolate icing and the white icing is homemade buttercream. It is so pretty I don't want to cut it. But it smells so good, I can't wait much longer to break into it.

I always carry my Nikon CoolPix L1 with me because I use it practically daily. But as luck would have it, I was transferring pictures onto my computer right before I left for work so I didn't bother grabbing it. Which totally sucks, because this cake is so awesome looking I would love to have a good picture of it. I just don't think I can wait until I get off work and get home before I cut into it. So, I snapped a few pics with my cell phone. If the pics are any good, I will post one here for you guys to see. But for now, I have just finished visiting with my friends and I have sent them home to try and get a little bit of sleep. So, I'm gonna have a peice of cake.

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