Sunday, September 24, 2006

I'm Never In The Right Place

I have always wanted to spend a weekend at Arkansas' Crater of Diamonds State Park in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. Now more than ever because the hunting is apparently still good. A Tennessee woman recently found a 1.30-carat diamond which she initially thought was just a peice of dirty quartz.

I have got to make an effort to get down there. I am going to make it my goal to go to Crater of Diamonds before my next birthday. I am tired of always wanting to do something, but never getting it done. I always wanted to see New Orleans and could probably have driven down there in only 12 hours. But, I never did and now that city is forever changed. I will never see the New Orleans I wanted to see because I just didn't follow through.

My main excuse is that I never have anyone to go places with. Which isn't exactly true, but all of my family and friends are either married, have kids, or both. Meaning, I can't call them at 10:00 pm on Friday night and ask them to go halfway down the state of Arkansas with me to dig in the dirt for 2 days. But then, who am I kidding - I'm at work at 10:00 on Fridays and can't go anywhere because I get to work Saturday night also.

So what does that tell me? (excuse me while I have a small conversation with myself here) Well, it tells me that I need to get some new friends and find a different job. No, wait...that's not right!! I guess it means I will either have to learn to spend more time doing things alone OR make better, more advanced plans so that someone and their kids can go with me.

Anywho, sure wish I had stumbled across the gem this woman did.

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misty said...

hey and i have been wanting to go there--the 3 of us should totally flippin go :D

...roseykrh said...


misty said...

there is also an awesome *separate* place in AR to go where you can dig up tons of crystals--you're coming with us for that too :p