Friday, September 29, 2006

New Book Gives New Fuel To Democrats

A new book concerning how our present administration has handled the war in Iraq will be officially released on Monday, but today it is already being used by Democrats to criticize President Bush. The book is titled "State of Denial" and was written by Bob Woodward, who is with The Washington Post. According to sources who have already obtained a copy, Woodward details specific instances in which the President seems to be in denial of what is actually happening in Iraq.

With the upcoming November mid-term elections, Democrats are seizing their chance to attack President Bush about his decisions concerning the war in Iraq. This book is giving them the extra fuel they needed.


misty said...

youre a republican, aintcha?

...roseykrh said...

actually, I'm neither. I am trying to become more political because at 36 years old I have never been registered to vote (please no one attack me, I know it's a right and my civil duty, blah, blah, blah).

I just never had enough interest in politics to form an opinion based on anything, so there's no use voting just by picking a cool sounding name. NOw I am becoming a lot more interested in politics, so I am trying to learn more.

So far I've discovered my choice of political parties is pretty much 50/50. I agree with Republicans on certain items and Democrats on certain others.