Friday, December 15, 2006

Santa Claus Fell And Broke His Leg...

on December 3 after the 52nd annual Nixa Christmas parade. In a strange coincidence, so did Nixa City Alderman, Steve Tallaksen. No one is sure how Alderman Tallaksen suffered his injury, but several witnesses watched in horror as Santa fell from the back of the fire truck he had been riding on.

The strange happenings continued as both men spent about 5 days in the same St. John's hospital room and both broke their femur in 4 places requiring a rod, pins and screws to set the leg. Reports are that the hospital was flooded with calls from children expressing their concern for Santa, but I am unsure how many phone calls Mr. Tallaksen received.

Both men are on the road to recovery and Santa wants to ensure everyone this will not disrupt Christmas in the least. He encourages all children to remain being good boys and girls and to expect him as normal on Christmas.

Alderman Tallaksen, however, doesn't have the advantage of the magical qualities that Santa possess, and he must not put any weight on his leg for at least 30 days. I wish both men a speedy recovery and I hope they both have a SAFE holiday.

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