Friday, December 01, 2006

Much Icy Madness

I knew yesterday's and today's weather was going to be rough...rain, freezing rain, rain/sleet/snow mix, etc. The weathermen definitely had me prepared for a variety of moisture today. But, I was expecting the snow to start falling earlier this evening than it actually did. Of course I also expected it to be sleeting when I got off work this morning, but it was still just rain at that time.

Once the sleet did start, I really didn't think we would get 9 or so hours of pure ice before the snow ever got here. The amount of ice on the ground was much greater than I anticipated. I am glad that yesterday I chose to park the new car in the garage and drive my trusty old 4WD Jeep Cherokee to work for the next few days. Not necessarily because of the 4WD aspect, but simply because I know there are always going to be idiots out running around and I would rather risk having an idiot run into my Jeep than into my new car. And before you start denying the existance of idiots in our lovely town I can prove it to you. I live well within city limits and I happen to live very near a golf course. This evening while standing on the front porch checking on the weather, I noticed there were 3 idiots doing donuts on the golf course with their 4 wheelers. There happens to be a 4 wheeler in my garage which my brother was desperately wanting to ride in the ice, but you can't ride them in town. Or at least most people can't!

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