Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Freedom Tower

Yesterday, two 25-ton steel columns were erected at the former site of the World Trade Center. Construction of the Freedom Tower has now begun. The tower will be 1,776 feet high and is expected to be opened in 2011.

You won't find me having very many strong opinions on this website because I try not to use this space to beat you to death with my feelings and beliefs. However, I do have an opinion about the Freedom Tower. I hate it.

I strongly believe that as soon as the rubble was finally cleared from Ground Zero, construction should have began to replace the Twin Towers with exact replicas of what they used to be. Not to have offices and people in them ever again, but simply to show the terrorists who took them away that this is America and we will not be forced to cower and change our ways out of fear. The same size and height, the same skyline symbols that they used to be, with the biggest American Flag ever created flying from the top of both buildings. That's what should be in that spot. That is how we should honor the people who died there. Those people never saw the Freedom Tower, how is that supposed to become their symbol. They died in the Twin Towers, so let the Twin Towers become their memorial. We are the greatest country on this earth, but by building a park and a Freedom Tower I believe we are showing the world that the terrorists have us scared.

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