Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I Still Hate Spiders

I am an arachnaphobe and I am very serious about it. I fear spiders way more than I fear snakes or other things most people are typically scared of. So, I was all excited when I spotted the MSN headline "Woman bitten by spider loses 10 lbs. of skin". I was not excited because a woman was injured, I am sorry to hear about her ordeal, but because most people think it is silly to be afraid of spiders and this story would have helped me prove there is a reason to be scared.

Unfortunately, I am dedicated to trying to ensure my blog entries are accurate, so before I typed up a huge "spiders suck" post, I decided to read more stories about the incident to get all of the facts correct. And what I found was this article - "Creeping suspicions about story of hobo spider bite". Apparently, the hobo spider has never really been known to cause such a severe injury before, so no one is positive that's what happened. But this second article does mention the seriousness of a brown recluse bite (which we have an abundance of in this area) and the fact that black widows can be fatal.

So, I still have a legitimite reason to be terrified of spiders. And trust me when I say I am. All spiders, any size. And their webs. Nothing is worse than walking to your car at night and hitting a spider web across the face. I immediately lapse into screaming hysterics.

Some of you may share my fear of spiders, some of you may be laughing and making fun of me. But, I am not scared of worms, crickets, cute little furry mice, etc. So, don't make too much fun of me.


misty said...

the part about you and the screaming hysterics was fun to visualize :p

...roseykrh said...

and trust me when I say it's not the least bit exaggerated