Friday, October 27, 2006

Let's Talk About Health

Here are a few of the new stories concerning health which have made the news lately:

The "Great Spinach E. Coli Outbreak of 2006" may have been caused by pigs! Researchers have finally gotten the bacteria tracked to a few ranches where the majority of the contaminated spinach came from and discovered quite a few wild boars in the area. They believe the bacteria may have been transferred to the spinach field by the pigs.

Studies have suggested that older women may help fend off the common cold by engaging in some moderate exercise. I figured I would post this just so one of my friends who is quickly becoming an "older woman" might finally be able to get rid of the sniffles. You know who you are. *cough* Bobbie *cough*

On Wednesday, the results of a six-year study revealed that eating at least 2 servings of vegetables a day could increase your mental alertness. Of course, the study was conducted on people aged 65 or older. I just wanted to make sure a certain friend of mine was aware of this so she can prepare herself for becoming a senior citizen. You know who you are. *cough* Bobbie *cough*

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