Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'm Feeling Rather Nostalgic Lately

I sure do wish I could go back to the 70's & 80's and keep all of my toys and things so that I could have them now. I think I'm going to start collecting some of my favorite old things and put them in a display case to remind me of how innocent and un-electronic (for the most part) my childhood was.

Here's a few examples of the types of things I miss and want to find:

A Walt Disney School Bus lunchbox - I remember taking one of these to school for years. My pbj, banana and potato strings were never smashed.

Gizmo from the Gremlins movie. He was so cute, but his offspring were UGLY!

Merlin which was so cool back in the day. I burned hours playing with this thing. Can you imagine today's kids putting down the Nintendo Game Boy to play with a Merlin? Me neither.

Super Pickle - apparently, this little stuffed super hero was not very popular. I looked all over the internet and all I could find was this single, lonely picture. But at least it proves I wasn't the only one that had one.

Then there was the Whee-Lo which I carried around constantly and could practically do in my sleep.

And of course, the Kenner Family Tree House complete with a family of little tree tots, a family car, a family dog and a dog house (which is the little green clam-looking thing at the bottom left). There was a swing hanging from a branch, a door to go in, and stairs that folded down. The top of the tree popped up when you wanted to play, then you pushed it closed when you were done so nothing would fall out.

I also loved the Etch-A-Sketch, the Rubik's Cube, the Smurfs figurines, the Wooly Willy Magnetic Face, Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippo's, and so many more I can't even name them all.

I might have to get a second job just to afford all these things. Especially since the Kenner Treehouse seems to be pretty rare and very expensive.


Diane said...

I had a super pickle too when I was a kid. It was a hand-me-down from my older cousins, but nevertheless I had one. haha

Wendy said...

OMG... I still have my Super Pickle. He's a clip on. I got him when I was about 15 (I'm now 42) and kept him in my first car. He still rides in my car. He hangs from my rear view mirror... I get a lot of comments on my pickle. I love him! LOL.

Anonymous said...

I totally had a super pickle too and it was the same one as in the picture... that's too damn funny

shysmac said...

my mom got her when she was 11 and gave it to me. im 13 :)

Anonymous said...

I am 45 and had Super Pickle hanging from my rear view mirror also! I am trying so hard to find one to replace the one that I had since I lost him! If anyone is willing to part with their's please let me know!!!