Friday, October 13, 2006

Girl Fight!

I remember when I was little, probably around 4, I decided to take my little pair of safety scissors and cut a pretty good size chunk of hair from the front of my head. I don't remember if my hair was in some way offending me, or if I was simply bored and had no construction paper to cut shapes out of. Either way, I really managed to screw my haircut up. Mom was thrilled, I'm sure.

Surely we all know someone who cut their own hair as a child. Turns out, this is a pretty common occurrence among small children, especially the girls. Of course, boys sometimes cut chunks out of their hair also. I believe one of my brothers was in kindergarten when he decided to cut his own hair.

But in Des Moines, Iowa, girls are taking scissors to hair in a whole new way. Two teenagers there have accused each other of "haircut rage". One girl accused another of sneaking up behind her and cutting her hair. She turned around and attacked her attacker, suffering cuts on the hand and face. But, when the girls were interviewed by police, the "attacker" said she was the one who had been attacked. They actually called in Crime Scene Investigators to document the missing hair and injuries.

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