Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Had A Good Weekend

Well, everything went good this weekend. The weather was perfect for a hayride and we all had a blast. Plenty of good food and good conversation. Also had a great time at Apple Butter Makin Days, although I wish I would have bought more than two jars of apple butter. What was I thinking? Next year I'll know better.

Also had a good Fantasy Football weekend. I won for the first time this season, so I'm happy about that. I ended up with a fantasy score of 133 this week, which is twice as much as I have been getting. Totally awesome. Of course the Chiefs are playing like crap and lost another game, so as a Chiefs fan I'm not too happy right now.

Then again, I still do have the St. Louis Cardinals. I'm watching the game right now so, I'm gonna sign off. I'll post more once I get to work tonight.

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