Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fantasy Football Update

Well, if any of you are keeping track, I am now 0 - 4 in my Fantasy Football League. I'm tied for last place with some other loser who sucks as bad as I do. (Charlie if you read this, I still love ya)

Wish me luck on week 5 - maybe I can actually win one. Although to be honest, it's not so much the losses that bother me as much as it is the fact that I am losing BADLY. I mean my scores have been 69, 65, 69 and 74. Whereas the average scores with the rest of the teams in my league have been around 100 or better.

And worst of all is that my irritating little brother is destroying me. The week he played against me he won by 31 points. I don't think he has gone below 110 points in any of the previous weeks. Why does it bother me that he is scoring more than me? Because I know enough about football that I participated in the live draft and picked and chose my men (except that all the good ones I really wanted kept getting taken before it was my turn) and my brother signed in long enough to pick 3 people then let the computer pick the rest for him. That is so not fair!

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