Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I'm So Disappointed In Myself...

Yesterday, I was apparently a bit sensitive and feeling kind of down, because I allowed myself to get sort of rude and sarcastic with an online friend that I know from a message board I frequent. Of course, today I've already visited the forum and apologized for my reactions. I didn't get real hateful and nothing really horrible was said, but I am disappointed that I even let myself get riled up. Especially since the guy I was mouthing is someone I basically consider a friend.

He's a guy who likes to try and start a fight, but I know that about him and I also know he does it just to rile people up. So I know better than to dignify some of his posts with a response. But unfortunately, yesterday I did. I'm so disappointed in myself. And if you are reading this blog Tyler, I apologize again.

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