Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wow! High Speed Internet Is Super Fast

I was slow to join the internet revolution of people having service at home. Not because I didn't want to, but because in the very rural area I hail from it took years before there was an ISP that wasn't a long distance phone call. But finally, one glorious day about 5 or 6 years ago I was able to have dial-up internet from my very own home. Sure it only offered a speed of 28.8 and didn't always work right in the rain, cold weather, or anytime after 5:00 on Friday and Saturday nights - but hey, I finally had it. And because everyone around me had the same ISP, I didn't really realize how slow it was for quite some time. Heck, I even managed to download music at a rate of 1 song in approx. 37 minutes.

Now, of course, I can't stand to use dial-up. I use high-speed at work and at my house in Springfield and I am addicted to how much sweeter that actually makes the internet. The DSL is hooked up to a wireless router and I am free to move my computer anywhere in my bedroom I want without tripping over cables. Life is good.

There have been the occasional problems, sometimes the wireless signal isn't very strong and one of us, or maybe all 3 of us, will have trouble getting pages to load. But overall, it's been really okay. I mean I'm comparing it to 5 years of dial-up so I think it's awesome.

Then on Thursday, my brother makes a casual comment about a spot on the carpet being caused by the SBC/Yahoo guy. "Why was the SBC guy here?" I ask. "They were checking out the lines to see why the internet acts up so much" he replies. And apparently they discovered that there is a problem with the lines. Not just the ones directly into our house per se, but apparently just the lines going out our direction. And they told him they are going to be immediately working on replacing them at any time. Now, I'm not sure if they already have that work completed or not, but I do know that the internet was not very accessible most of the day yesterday and when it finally reappeared last night it was freaking faster than it had ever been. This whole time I was so happy to be downloading songs in approx. 6 minutes compared to over 30, and suddenly last night I was downloading songs left and right at about 3 minutes each. All I can say is wow - high speed internet is super fast. Even faster than I already thought it was.

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