Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Help With Holiday Boredom

Since the holiday season is upon us, we will likely be spending way too much time with extended family members. Here's an article I found on that might be useful. Feel free to use this technique for anyone who bores you, not just your Dad.

How to Entertain Yourself When Your Father Tells the Same Old Tired Story:

As people age they tend to repeat stories a lot. This can be very annoying. Here are some tips on how to entertain yourself while your father is telling the same old tired story again.

Steps -
1. Choose one word and every time he says it, go "ding!" inside your head. Count how many "dings" you get.

2. Pick some fine point of the story and argue about it. Like, if he says that Uncle Felton like to eat hard boiled eggs a lot, say, "Really? Are you sure it wasn't soft boiled eggs? I could have swore..."

3. Play "Bait Dad" with other relatives. This is a game where you try to get him to say certain stories by baiting him. If he has a story about plumbers, you might say, "Boy have I been having trouble with that sink lately!" This can be a very enjoyable drinking game as well.

4. Eat chocolate.

5. Play a variation of "Bait Dad" called "Tangent." In this somewhat more challenging game you have to lead your dad from one story to the next, with no more than one or two transition sentences. This game is best played by advanced players.
Remind yourself of how much you will miss the old man when he's gone.

6. Imagine he is a character in a movie. Things that are just annoying in real life are often entertaining in movies, so imagine that he is acting from a script in a quirky independent film.

Things You'll Need
family members make it more fun too

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