Friday, November 10, 2006

Bad Schedule - Good Reason

My sleep schedule is all screwed up! Normally I go to work at 09:30pm and get off work at 08:00am. But I'm on vacation and the past 2 days I have been going to bed around 09:30pm and getting up at around 05:30am. But it's all been worth it. Yesterday, I got up early to clean house and pack some clothes for a busy weekend. The 1107th AVCRAD arrived in Springfield from their debriefing in Ft. LeonardWood and we had their official homecoming ceremony. So, I will be spending several days in the Cassville area, spending time with Dad and helping him out. The ceremony was loud and exciting, but the best part was when the soldiers were released and were free to go home with their families. It was great. We all stopped and had a quick lunch together and then headed straight down to grandma's house where all of his brothers were waiting. It was an all-night celebration at grandma's because dad had requested fried chicken, fried potato's and country gravy for dinner.

This morning I am up early because dad has agreed to participate in the Veteran's Day ceremony being held at the school his grandchildren attend. They were so excited he was going to get home in time. The ceremony is at 09:00am, so I am up and getting ready to hop in the shower. After we're done at the school, it's off to dad's to help him get some spring cleaning done at his house. He's a bachelor, so things became a little neglected while he was gone.

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Amy said...

Awesome. I saw the homecoming on the news. I would have come if it weren't for that paper I had to write. Sorry to miss it!