Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Online Friends

Because of the Holiday season, and a few other things that have come up with the family, I have not had as much online time the past 2 weeks as I normally get. And it's because of this that I have began to realize how important my online friends are to me. Maybe it sounds silly to you guys that I could actually miss people I have never even met, but it's true.

There are several people, like Zach, Granny and a few other who have blogs that I am addicted to. There really hasn't been much interaction between myself and them, but if I don't get a chance to read their new postings I get a little anxious about what I may be missing. They are very important to me even if they don't know me.

Then there is Misty, who I have actually met in real life but don't get to see very often because of our schedules. Mostly we talk online at a local forum. If I don't get a chance to login and chat with her I feel like I'm really missing out on visiting with a friend. I will be really thankful when things change enough to allow me more time to actually hang out with Misty - and if you're reading this girl, you need to email me and catch me up on your life.

And there's Amy, who reads my blog and leaves comments and I read her blog and leave comments. For some reason, I feel like I really know Amy even though I have never met her. That sounds silly, but that's the way I feel. The weird thing is that I would love to have even more comments from and to Amy and maybe even several email conversations, but I am afraid to actually meet her in real life. I keep thinking how fun it would be to invite her and the kids to go do something, but at the same time I'm afraid that she'll say "yes" just as much as I'm afraid she will say "no".

But either way, I just wanted to let you guys know that I am so thankful I have online friends. If I weren't so shy and self-conscious I would invite you guys all to meet me (Misty didn't care, she elbowed her way into meeting me), but until then please continue being my online friends. I appreciate it so much.


Amy - Gentlewhisper.com said...

Ahhh. I feel the same way. Including the feeling like I know you... the thinking getting together would be fun... and the fearing you saying yes as much as no to the idea of actually meeting.

How about an instant message conversation instead... I'm not nearly as scary in chat as I am in real life. ;)

misty said...

you're cooler than you realize

Amy said...

It's true. I was just telling Tamara how cool you are.

...roseykrh said...

I must warn you, I am an IM snob - because I work with computers for a living, I do not use Yahoo or MSN or most others because of the drain on your system they cause.

I am, however, available through Google talk. And if you really insist on MSN, I do have it also.

Amy - Gentlewhisper said...

I too am an IM snob. In fact I won't run any IM program on my computer because they drain the system.

I use meebo.com, a web based IM solution which allows me to talk to ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Google, AIM, and any visitor to my blog.

gentlewhisper is my gmail/google username.