Thursday, November 16, 2006

Verona, Missouri

The small town of Verona is located just west of Aurora off of Hwy 60. Don't blink, you'll miss the turn-off completely. Why am I bothering you about this miniscule town you've never heard of? Because this morning I stumbled across a news story about the Verona City Council monthly meeting and it is way too cute not to share.

The original story can be found at The Monett Times, but below are some of the excerpts that I found to be cute and adorable. Wouldn't it be nice if every city or town in the world never had any problems worse than these?

Charles Brady
Community Editor
Published November 15, 2006 4:00 PM CST

Odor problem and what is being done to combat it occupied the attention of the Verona City Council at its October monthly meeting.
Brad Friend of American Dehydrated Foods (ADF) spoke to the council. He said ADF is experimenting with equipment to try and reduce odors generated from their wastewater system.
Several complaints have been made by residents in the past few months concerning the foul smell.
Friend said ADF is continuously monitoring odor emissions from the industry's air-handling systems and has also started to track wind direction. He added ADF will work closely with the city to investigate odor complaints.

Concern was expressed over the length of time a yard sale sign can be left up. It was pointed out that city ordinance states that a permit must be obtained, the sale can be no longer than four days, only two sales are allowed per year, and all signs must be removed within three days following the last day of the sale.

The council voted to allow police officers Nick Frohmann and Justin Day to take the city's police car to a Spanish class November 6-8 in Iowa.

Also in police matters, the council voted to allow Day and Frohmann to purchased one new uniform this year and to purchase an additional uniform every year hereafter.

Fire Chief Morris Koehler reported a quiet month in October and that he and his crew are ready to start painting the new fire station.

Alderman Lloyd Airrington stated he has been busy recently patching holes in streets, and is nearly finished.

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