Thursday, November 30, 2006

Quite A Winter Thunderstorm

Wind damages theater in Branson
by Gene Hartley, KY3 News

BRANSON, Mo. -- High winds peeled the roof off part of a theater on Wednesday evening but the performers vowed to go on with the show. Elsewhere in Branson, police had reports of trees blown over and at least one power pole down.

About 6:45, just as people on buses were starting to arrive for a 7:30 show, wind blew the roof off the back of the Jim Stafford Theater. Cameras and other equipment used for special effects during the show are in that area.

One of the theater managers described the sights and sounds as "horrendous." A lot of audience members hadn’t arrived yet, but the staff had to work hard to get people away from windows.

Frantic calls went out to lumber stores for boards to cover the hole. Stafford planned to go on with the show, for an audience of about 800, even if it started late.

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