Thursday, November 16, 2006

The PlayStation 3 Is Coming...But Is It Worth All Of This?

Check out this news article from 1 hour ago

Three PS3 campers and news reporter hit in drive-by shooting
Humphrey Cheung
November 16, 2006 03:07

Lexington (KY) - Three PS3 campers and a WKYT news reporter were hit in a drive-by Wednesday night while outside the Lexington Kentucky Best Buy store. The four people were hit by BB pellets and were not seriously hurt. According to WKYT, some of the campers are now afraid for their lives and have left the line.

Dorsett was interviewing someone while the shooting happened. She was hit in the back of the leg. No one has been arrested yet and police are still investigating the shooting. Police will stand guard over the campers until Friday morning, when the store opens.

The Sony PlayStation 3 console will begin selling on Friday. Some stores are opening at midnight, while others will open at regular times. Campers have staked out turf at many stores, including the Best Buy in West Los Angeles and Hawthorne California.

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