Friday, November 03, 2006

Springfield's Upcoming "Official Book"

In the spring of 2007, a book titled "Celebrating Springfield - A Photographic Portrait" will be published through a joint effort between the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Riverbend books. I am already excited and cannot wait to see it. Since the Chamber of Commerce website refers to it as a coffee-table book, I'm sure it will cost more than I want to spend. But they also mention here that it will be released in limited quantities which, unfortunately, will result in me shelling out the money for it. After the money is gone and I have eaten nothing but ramen noodles and spoonfuls of peanut butter for 2 weeks, I'll have a really great book to brag about.


Amy said...

Painfully pricey... I want one.

P.S. I can't ever comment from the front page. I have to go to the single post page... I think some of your code might be whack.

...roseykrh said...

I agree that the book is a bit much, but since they are limited editions I'm sure I'll end up trying to get one.

P.S. You mentioned that before so I've had other people test it and no one else has any issues with it.
But now that I think about it, you use Firefox and none of them do. Maybe that's the problem. If so, what do you suggest I change?

Amy said...

Hmm... I'll try it in Internet Explorer 7.

I haven't used blogger for a long time so I've forgotten most of the codes. But if you email your template to me I'll take a look.

Amy said...

OK... maybe it's just me.

I always click on "Be the first to comment!" thinking that will let me comment... but it doesn't. It toggles the comment section back off.

I just need to get over my confusion and remember to click "Post a Comment" instead.