Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pink Floyd & The Wizard Of Oz

Some of you have probably heard of this, some of you have probably not. But I've done it and I must say it is FREAKY!

Of course I'm referring to the fact that the Pink Floyd album "Dark Side Of The Moon" playing on repeat will sync up with the action and emotions on the film The Wizard Of Oz. In fact, the CD will play 2 1/2 times, which means certain songs are actually heard 3 times. And all 3 times either the lyrics or the music will sync up to what is happening on the movie in some way.

Whether or not this was planned by Pink Floyd, I don't know. I can easily doubt it because of the fact that it would just take way too long and there's no real reason for it. Not to mention at the time the album was made there weren't any CD's or CD players with repeat buttons. You would have had to use a vinyl record, which would have songs on both sides and there's no way someone could flip over the record that many times and keep up with the sync.

But it is such a strange coincidence it's hard to imagine it being accidental. Anyway, Rolling Stone has posted a few small clips showing some of the syncs between the songs and the film. They posted a few good ones, but there are some that are even better. And in the last clip they posted involving the tin man, you can't really hear that at the very end when Dorothy and Scarecrow are listening to the Tin Man talk about wanting a heart, the song fades out into a heartbeat. But, here's the link to the clips.

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Scott said...

Here's a video of the first play through of the album from Google Video: