Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Over the weekend, my cousin Sabrina & her kids, my Aunt Paula, my best friend Bobbie and her son and myself spent the night at the Grand Country Inn in Branson. We had a great time playing at Splash Country Indoors. But the best part of the weekend was the fact that I took the funniest picture ever of my cousin Sabrina.

Here's the setup: she had just gotten off of the big waterslide so she was completely dripping with water and she was talking to her young son Austin trying to get him excited about the slide. I'm just glad I was in her face with my camera.
Below the awesome pic of her are a few various other pics of our weekend.


(from left to right) Aunt Paula, Sabrina and Bobbie as the big bucket dumps and water rushes towards them......they did not give me permission to post any pics of them in their swimsuits, so I drew them a beach towel to share.

And here's Sabrina at the end of the waterslide


misty said...

nice teaser blog :p

Jason Rohrblogger said...

Good times. Good times.