Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hinder Concert

Last night a group of friends/cousins and I attended the Hinder concert at the Shrine Mosque and it was awesome! The opening band was Black Stone Cherry and they did a decent job, but their songs sound 80% better on the CD than they did live. The second band to perform was Finger 11 and they rocked their asses off. They played a great set, I just hadn't heard very many of the songs they played because they haven't had a whole lot of radio time. Except for their new song "Paralyzer" (which I absolutely love) and, of course, their song "One Thing" from their debut self-titled album.

But Hinder definitely stole the show. The whole band had a tremendous amount of energy and the lead singer knew how to pump up the crowd. Plus, he has a really cool voice and they sounded great live. I have been listening to their CD, "Extreme Behavior" for weeks in preparation and I was able to scream along with every song.

The really crappy pictures are of Hinder and were taken with my cell phone. I'm quite a bit older than the average age of the crowd that was there and back in my day, cameras were rarely (never!) allowed into concerts. So, I didn't even think about grabbing mine out of the car. However, once inside I noticed that there were cameras everywhere. I'm guessing that in today's world, where everyone has a cell phone with a camera, there's no way to prevent pictures from being taken so they don't bother trying to stop it. Which means that next time I go to a concert, I'm sticking my camera in my pocket regardless. And hopefully I will be going to more concerts. I seem to average about 1 a year, but I enjoyed myself so much on Tuesday that I really want to make an effort to see several this year.

.....................................Hinder on stage...................................

..................................Hinder during "Lips Of An Angel".........................

You'll notice in that last picture there are two people who are obstructing half of my view of the stage. They stood there through 95% of the entire concert, including during the opening act when things weren't that exciting. There were 3 people in my group who were not able to enjoy the show as much as we could have because of this. However, even though it was infuriating, none of us said anything to them because they paid for their seats and it was their right not to use them. What I don't understand is why they were standing in our way the entire time when they simply could have stood on the floor and not been in anyone's way. If you are someone who likes to stand at concerts, please be considerate of the people behind you.


misty said...

have you heard the new guns and roses song that leaked? q102 plays it. i like it a lot. its called "better"

...roseykrh said...

I have not heard it, but if you like then I'm sure I won't. :-)

misty said...

yeah probably not *sigh*

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