Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's Official!

Today was the day Bobbie and I randomly decided to head to a travel agent and make reservations for our Disney World trip. We decided to use Great Southern Travel just because they are "authorized Disney vacation planners", they're well-respected and there are so many convenient locations here in Springfield.

We went to the S. Glenstone office first and were told that Saturday's were by appointment only at that location. They very politely referred us to the Great Southern Vacation Center on S. National. So, we headed over there. The parking lot was actually quite full but I really didn't think much of it. I don't spend a lot of time hanging out at travel agencies, so I have no idea how much business is normal for a Saturday. However, when we walked in we realized that today was no ordinary day.

First, I noticed a sketch artist set-up near the entrance doing the most amazing pencil drawings of Disney characters every few minutes. Then I saw there were balloons everywhere, pictures of Mickey Mouse all over the place, people walking around eating popcorn, kids running wild - today was Disney Days! It was perfect timing on our part. We sat down with an agent, decided on the resort we wanted to stay in, added the dining package to our park hopper passes, set the dates, put down a deposit and now it is official.

As an added bonus, everyone who booked a Disney vacation today got a free sketch from the sketch artist. I talked Bobbie out of it, because I'm mean like that, so I got a really awesome drawing of Lady from Lady & The Tramp (only one available). I'm planning on getting it framed and hanging it in my office because the artist who drew it this morning is an official Disney sketch artist who works at DisneyLand in California. In a few days I will try to get a good picture of it and post it here so I can brag about it again.