Friday, February 16, 2007

Wolves On The Loose!

Wolves escape from animal park west of Branson
by Marie Saavedra, KY3 News

BRANSON WEST, Mo. -- Two wolves escaped from a wild animal park on Thursday night. The staff at Predator World believes the wolves would try to avoid humans but is looking for helping in finding them.

One wolf is a silver gray pregnant female weighing about 130 pounds. The other is a dark chocolate male weighing about 100 pounds.

The wolves escaped just hours after they were shipped to the facility. Head curator Breck Wakefield says the female is trying to find a comfortable place to have her cubs.

The animals are on the federal endangered species list. Wakefield says the wolves won't attack people and believes they're still close to the attraction. He says professionals with tranquilizer guns have been searching the area, and are being careful not to push the wolves toward highways.

Wakefield believes the wolves will stay together. Anybody who sees them can call Predator World at (417) 272-0411 or the Stone County Sheriff’s Department at (417) 357-6116.

Predator World is near the intersection of Missouri 13 at Highway DD on the south side of Branson West.

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