Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Phone's Inbox

Just in case anyone was curious about how my daily conversations may go, here are 10 random text messages that were sent to my phone this week (typed exactly how I received them):

1. Stop laughing at my baby!
2. Oh no no it is up to you!
3. Sounds like the list i had going. Great minds think alike.
4. Then buy me diamonds!
5. For you im free, but not for anyone else! I heart you, too.
6. I'm having pitch withdrawals.
7. Goodnight (that was in a soft whisper so you wont hear me and i could get the last word. Ha ha)
8. I get 2 go to the concert!
9. U r totally taking all of the seriousness out of this!
10. Someone is going 2 die!

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