Thursday, January 24, 2008

Oh My!

It's probably not a good thing that I drive 85 miles an hour between Republic and Springfield to come to work every day...okay, I'm kidding. I usually don't go over 75.

Fugitive arrested after high-speed chase

A parole absconder who led sheriff’s deputies on a high-speed car chase this afternoon is now in custody, according to Chief Deputy Jim Arnott.

During the chase between Springfield and Republic, speeds reached up to 85 miles an hour and the suspect waved a handgun at law enforcement officers, Arnott said.

The chase ended in the 5500 block of Farm Road 148 in a grassy field after a spike ruptured the suspect’s vehicle tire. A short foot pursuit followed and the suspect was taken into custody, Arnott said.

And, while I'm here I'm gonna throw in my 1, 2, 3.
1. Today I drove the speed limit on the way to work.
2. I placed a current (and very rare) picture of me near my computer at work for motivation.
3. While I was at work I managed not to kill anyone.

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