Friday, January 11, 2008

Aw, How Cute!

A baby stop sign and his mommy!


CresceNet said...

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Scott said...

How did you walk by that gorgeous new building and take a picture of a stop sign?!?!?!?!

Every day when I leave work I find myself wishing I had a camera. At night it's even worse (better). You should have taken a pic tonight since you worked late.

p.s. I hear your phone ringing.

roseykrh said...

I have taken several pics of the tower, but none of them have been to my liking. And to take a good one at night, I would need to drag out my tripod to hold it steady on the lengthened exposure. So far, I've either been too lazy or too cold.

roseykrh said...

Oh, also, I work until after dark every night (at least through the winter). So tonight was not any darker. :) kthxbai