Friday, June 08, 2007

Ha Ha - I've Corrupted Someone!

Looks like my brother, Scott, has decided to return to the world of blogging. Oh, excuse me. I meant he has decided to return to the world of "web scribing". Jeesh, I knew he was a picky asshole when it comes to food, his house, etc., but I didn't realize that words bothered him so damn bad.....okay, I lied, I already knew that he was anal about the English language.

Are you confused yet? Click on Scott's blog The Blarg and you will.....actually, you will probably still be confused. But that's alright. You should be able to get a chuckle regardless. He told me that my blog inspired him to finally sit down and begin one again. Bleh! Like I'm supposed to believe that type of sentimental bullcrap coming from my little brother. What he really meant is that my useless dribble is embarrassing the family name and now I have forced him to say all sorts of witty things in an effort to restore some honor to our ancestors.

Be sure and check it out. Here's the link again: The Blarg and it has also been added to my favorites list over there ----->

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Lola said...

Rosey you can now add a second person to your list of those you have corrupted. I discovered your blog a while back and become a bit of a fan. After your post about your brother, and after checking out his blog, I too have created my own. Feel free to visit me at