Friday, June 15, 2007

5 Things I Dislike About....

....Lucky Charms:

5. They don't really come from Ireland - they're not even sold there. (it's true)
4. They seduce me with their marshmallow goodness and I am unable to resist
3. Everytime I eat a bowl, I speak in a really bad Irish accent for the next 30 minutes
2. The yummy marshmallows have been contaminated with cereal-shaped bits of toasted oats
1. People are always after me Lucky Charms!


Scott said...

No, no, no. The non-marshmallows are just as important as the marshmallows. Yin and Yang. Good with the bad. It's much like the weather in Missouri; if it wasn't for all the crappy days you wouldn't appreciate the beautiful days. A bowl full of marshmallows wouldn't be that special. You would never receive that feeling of accomplishment after having picked through and carefully eaten all the nonmallows first and then received the reward of 6 or 7 spoonfulls of complete sugary goodness!

Scott said...

I just realized my comment was longer than the actual post. Do I win an award for that?

...roseykrh said...

nope, try again.