Friday, April 27, 2007

Retrospective Perspective

Advice columnists are popular people. They receive millions of letters and emails written by the confused, the angry, the love-sick, the needy and all sorts of other human beings who are searching for answers. But what do we really know about these unseen experts? Generally they are people who are educators and professionals, but not always. Sometimes the columnist’s picture will be posted next to their newspaper article or web page answers, but not always. We know nothing of them and yet we let them advise us on how we ought to handle the situations that are affecting our lives.

Well, no more sisters! It’s time to rise up against the secret world of advice columnists! Damn the man, save the Empire! Instead of seeking help from these unknown entities, wouldn’t you rather communicate with someone you sorta know? Someone you used to have a crush on perhaps? Yes?

Then I have some good news for you. Now two of the most popular heartthrobs from the 80’s have an advice column and are waiting for your questions. That’s right – Corey Feldman and Corey Haim are here to help. Simply go to Dear Corey at MSN TV and feel free to ask them whatever your heart desires. You know, important things like "Hey Corey's, why couldn't you have stayed young and gorgeous forever?"

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