Thursday, April 19, 2007

I'm Doing The Happy Dance !!

But only for a few minutes. See, I am finally getting a chance to change shifts at work. But, my new shift is almost as crappy as my old one. So, I'm only slightly happy. My current shift has me working overnight from 09:30pm - 08:00am on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday so I obviously don't get any weekend nights to go hang out. But, I do have time to go running around during the day constantly. And I have Sunday off which means I get to go to Sunday Dinner at Grandma's house which we have all been attending for YEARS! Sunday Dinner is THE BOMB! My g'ma makes the best desserts. And the best mashed potatoes. And a pretty mean meatloaf. I just love Sunday Dinner.

But my new shift will be Sunday 07:00am - 05:30pm, and then on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 10:30am - 09:00pm. So, as you can see - NO MORE SUNDAY DINNERS! That sucks. Really. Muchly. Sucks.

But, I have spent 15 months having to leave everything at 08:00pm so I can go get ready and leave for work. I have not seen a movie in so long, I don't even remember what the last one was. I have had to leave my friends at bar-b-ques right as they're getting ready to turn up the radio and crack open a beer. No drinking for me. I have to go to work. Blah! Working the weekends has sucked ass. So, I decided to make the switch when they offered it.

Because when your days off are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday the rest of the working world doesn't care that you want to go to the movies or go out and have drinks. They all have to get their kids home, get in bed and be prepared to be at work in the morning. So, I'm really gonna miss Sunday Dinner. And on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday I won't have anytime in the morning or the evening (those hours suck). But, I got my weekends back! Well, as soon as they get someone hired and completely trained to take my spot. But, 10 weeks from now or so - I got my weekends back!


misty said...

heck yes baby

...roseykrh said...

hey, you are alive!