Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trying Something New

So I have decided to start a project in 2010. A project that will hopefully teach me something about myself and test my ability to commit to something on a daily basis for the next 365 days. Starting tomorrow I am beginning a "365 Days of Photos Project". If you think you may be interested in doing something similar, you can learn a bit more about how it works HERE. It doesn't have to start on the first day of the year, you can start it on Feb. 6th or September 15th, whatever you want. Just make sure you do it for an entire year from that date.

In order to make it a simpler and cleaner looking project I have decided to create a sister blog to this one where all my photos can be displayed back to back with nothing else interferring with them - Rosey's 365 Photos Project. I have posted a permanent link to the site at the top left of this page. Obviously I will be taking photos every day but don't expect a photo to be posted every day. I spend a lot of weekends visiting family members who don't have internet service and then there are just other days where life may just get in the way. But I will try my hardest to post at least 5 times a week.

Anyway, it's mostly a project for me but I do hope you guys check it out and see how my year is going.

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