Tuesday, October 30, 2007

No, I Am Not An Atheist & I Do Not Worship Satan

Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love the costumes and the blood and the television specials about hauntings. I love the crisp fall air and carving jack-o-lanterns and going to corn mazes. I love everything about Halloween. But this year, Halloween fever didn't really affect me the way it normally does. It sucks because none of my co-workers care about the holiday at all, so except for a few things in my cube there are no decorations. And I didn't get to decorate like I normally would because all of my really cool decorations are still in storage in Seligman. Plus, for the last 4 years or so I have always helped Charlie and Jessica get their costumes together and then I take off work, pick them up early at school and make sure we're at the front of the line for the "trick-or-treat around the square" which is like the major Halloween event in the area I come from.

This year, I didn't think about taking the day off so I will be missing out on taking Charlie and Jessica around the square. To make matters worse, since I'm not available, they aren't going to get to go and because they're not going to get to go they didn't get any costumes this year. That makes me sad. Also, I have no reason to wear a costume, no reason to buy fake blood, no reason to color my hair. I don't know anyone who wants to go to a haunted house with me, no one who will go see a scary movie. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is being presented at midnight at the Shrine Mosque and I won't be there. It just all sucks.

If you don't feel any sympathy for me, think of it this way. It's how you would feel if Christmas day were tomorrow and not only did it not snow, but you have no christmas tree. The majority of people list Christmas as their fave holiday, so that should be a fairly general analogy.

I am trying to make the best of it though. I do have a plastic pumpkin full of candy on my desk at work which everyone seems to enjoy. And tomorrow I'm bringing in some Halloween cupcakes as a treat for my co-workers. Also, there's some good TV tomorrow night I can watch, including a show on the Sci Fi Channel called "Children of the Grave" which will be featuring our own local landmark Pythian Castle. I'm excited about that one. And hopefully I will get some trick-or-treaters at the house.

Ooh, that reminds me....I need to replace the front porch light tonight.

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