Monday, September 17, 2007

Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Rum

That's right, I said rum. I also said ho, but I was merely referring to my cousin Sabrina who happened to be with me this weekend as I celebrated my birthday. I didn't lie about the ho (just kidding Sabrina), but I did sort of mislead you about the rum. I did not have a bottle of rum. What I actually had was a 6 pack of the new Parrot Bay Flavored Malt Beverages. The flavor I chose was "Wave Runner" which is passion fruit and mango. It was yummy! It was fruity tasting, like a wine-cooler, but packed the same amount of alcoholic punch as a typical bottle of beer. Since beer is the nastiest tasting thing on the planet and gets you drunk easy, and wine coolers taste great but don't do a damn thing to you, then drinking something that offers the best of both is awesome. The Parrot Bay drinks are more expensive than beer - I payed approx. $8 for a six pack - but much cheaper than my old method of buying various alcohols and flavors and ice so that I could spend my night making drinks instead of drinking them. Yep, you add the convenience factor in to the deliciousness and effectiveness and I will pay $8 for these things anytime.


Tammy said...

This post makes me laugh. First, beer is NOT the nastiest tasting thing on the planet - you just have never had a good one. Second, $8 for a six pack is less than I've paid for good beer (but I'm a beer snob if you hadn't figured that out). Third, you must have had one hell of a hangover after six of those babies. My head is pounding just thinking about it!

...roseykrh said...

Luckily for me, I don't get hangovers - except for the one time years ago when I was so drunk on whiskey I actually did drink an entire can of beer. And I've been drunk on whiskey since then without the same results.

And yeah, I've never had a good beer. However, I'm not real optimistic that I ever will have a good beer. But, as long as someone else is buying, I am willing to take a little baby sip or two of any beer you wanna throw at me. :)