Friday, January 05, 2007

Jerry Jacobs Signs Off

Tonight will be Jerry's final broadcast before leaving KY3 to begin a 5 year committment to the U.S. Army. He is scheduled to begin basic training on Wednesday, January 10 at Fort Benning, Georgia. It may sound like a strange move, but those who know him are not surprised by his decision to change careers at his age.

Still, you have to wonder why someone his age would put themselves in a position which may lead to Iraq. When Jacob's was 36, the impact of 9/11 made him wish he could enlist, but at the time he was over the age limit. Now, the age limit has been raised to 42 and Jerry signed up 13 days before he was too old.

We'll miss you Jerry. But we're proud of you and wouldn't want to keep you from going. Thank you for spending time with us every week and being the special, caring person that only you can be. We all wish you well and hope to see you soon.

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