Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Griffin iTrip Auto Rocks My World

For Christmas, my Dad gave me the perfect gift - a check. Usually any money I get for my birthday or Christmas goes towards gas for my car or a late utility bill, but this year I was determined to spend it on stuff. And I knew right away exactly what kind of stuff I wanted to buy. I needed to be able to listen to my 60GB video iPod in my car.

So, the day after Christmas and it was off to Best Buy for me. I looked over all of the FM transmitters and I decided I wanted to get one of the ones that also charges my iPod. That way I can never be caught without my music. There were several different brand names (and prices) to choose from. But I have a unique problem with my car. The cigarette lighter is in the floorboard between the front seats. Most of these transmitter/chargers will also provide a dock for your iPod, but if mine were docked on the floorboard between the seats it would not be convenient to reach, much less see the screen to choose new songs.

And then I saw it, the perfect product to solve all my problems. The Griffin iTrip Auto was the answer. It is an FM transmitter that also charges my iPod and it's corded instead of docked so that I am free to pick it up and change songs anytime I need to. Not to mention the fact that there is a 10-30 foot range on the transmitter. I have been jamming in my car ever since. If any of you need a way to play your mp3 player in the car, you should check out the Griffin line of products. They not only support iPods, but also make accessories for Zune and Sansa.

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