Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Has A Bunny

Earlier this year my beloved hedgehog, Bella, passed away. Not having her to hold in my lap and talk to has been bothering me more and more lately, so I decided it was time to get another pet. After doing some research I found that a Holland Lop bunny may be just what I needed. Cute and cuddly and content to sit in laps, yet not as temperature sensitive or easily startled as a hedgehog. So I found a breeder nearby and last night I went and picked out my new little friend.

Here's a picture of him sniffing around his new environment and checking out his toys. He's 8 weeks old and is actually going to be bigger than I first imagined. I'm still working on naming him... haven't completely settled on one yet. In the meantime, I'm just calling him Bunny.

I've got to work with him to get him used to his new environment and get him comfortable around me. Apparently they can even be easily trained to use a litter box and can then be allowed to roam freely around the house (as long as it has been bunny-proofed, of course). I don't think we'll get to that point, simply because bunnies love to chew and I would hate to risk him chewing on a door frame or an entertainment center. But it's pretty cool to know that I can let him down and he won't mess on the carpet.

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