Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry, We're Closed

That's basically what the internet told me the other day at work when I decided to update the blog. "Sorry, we're closed. You can knock but you can't come in." Okay, technically it said something along the lines of "This website has been blocked...." Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Yep. They finally blocked blogger. Just the latest in a long string of websites that I am no longer allowed to access at work. And for some reason, this one really irritated me the most. All blogger sites are blocked as "social networking" sites. I sorta understand preventing people from playing games at work (should be watching for dying patients) and streaming music at work (strains the network)and MySpace (cause it's stupid) - side note, here's my MySpace page - and YouTube (same as both games and streaming music).

But Blogger? Really? It's not like it's e-Harmony or anything. What's wrong with social networking. And besides all that, I work in the IT department! I'm not saying we should get special treatment, it's just that we should totally get special treatment. They pay me to sit at my computer and wait for the phone to ring. How am I supposed to entertain myself while I'm waiting?

So anyway, that's why the posting has lagged. And it will continue to lag for a few more days, because when I'm at home I don't spend much time blogging. But, I will be fully functional at work soon because I finally ordered a Dell laptop. And when it gets here I can carry it to work and do whatever the heck I want to on my own machine. So, then blogging will return to normal. And one of the posts will definitely be pictures of my new laptop - because it is the awesome! (yes, i said it that way on purpose).

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