Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I Saw Santa Today

He was sitting in the hospital cafeteria when I went upstairs to get some lunch. He was, of course, surrounded by people but I got close enough to notice that he was wearing an official employee id badge that actually said "Santa Claus" and had his picture on it. I know St. John's is a great place to work, but I never dreamed that even Santa was on the payroll.

Speaking of Christmas, it is fast approaching. I only have 1 week left to play this song at full volume. This is David Foster's version of Carol of the Bells. If it sounds familiar, it is the same version they use at Silver Dollar City on the 5 story Christmas tree.


Scott said...

Funny, I saw Santa at Cherrystone yesterday. He looked like he'd lost quite a bit of weight! He also looked a bit disgruntled, but he was at Cherrystone so I didn't think much of it.

roseykrh said...

ha ha