Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Either I'm A Beauty Salon Moron, Or

My hair is defective. There simply can be no other explanation. Once again, I have gone in for a trim and came out practically bald. How does this happen? Multiple times?

I can't decide whether my use of the word "trim" is completely wrong, or if maybe my hair has 3x the shrinkability factor of normal hair so that when it's wet they are cutting a normal amount, but then when it dries that amount is multiplied by 3.

It's gotta be one or the other, because not only has this happened multiple times - it has happened at completely different salons with completely different stylists. See, I'm not one of those people who has a regular hairdresser that I keep appointments with and go to exclusively. Instead, I wake up one random day and decide that if my hair doesn't get cut RIGHT NOW then I simply cannot go on living. So, I find the first place that can get me in and go there. But, don't blame this on quick, easy "convenience storeish" salons. I have also been scalped before by someone at a traditional salon who had cut my hair before.

Aaarrgggghhhh! It's so short on the crown of my head that it WONT' EVEN LAY DOWN. Once again, I look like a boy. Somebody tell me what I am doing wrong, or at least how I can prevent this from happening again.


Tammy said...

Well, here's what I've learned after watching almost every episode of What Not to Wear and Shear Genius; 1. Be specific. Tell the stylist you only want 1/4" or 1" or whatever. Show them the length you want taken off on your hair. You can't be too clear on this one. 2. Take a picture of a desirable hairstyle - preferably with several angle shots. 3. Talk at length about what does and doesn't work for your hair - especially if you've never been to that stylist. 4. Talk about your lifestyle. If you want wash-n-wear, tell them. Discuss your normal beauty routine. 5. Go in with your hair styled as usual. That way they can see how it normally looks. Also, mention excessive shrinkage!

Hope that helps. If you've already done all these things, maybe it's time to find a new stylist and establish a relationship. Jumping from one to the other means no one has time to really learn about what your hair can and can't do.

roseykrh said...

I have trouble using the same stylist every time because of the fact that I can never get into that one person with a 5 minute notice.

I have really thin, baby fine hair that won't hold any sort of scrunchie, bobby pin, or clip of any sort. And at a certain length it goes crazy naturally curly. As an added bonus, it grows extremely slow.

So, depending on what length it was left after my last visit, it could be anywhere between 3 - 9 weeks before it needs to be trimmed again. Not really anyway to predict it. And I never really think about my hair at all until that one day I wake up and my curls have appeared overnight. Then, no matter how much hairspray I use, I simply cannot make it look like I ever even brushed it.

My curls have a mind of their own. The worst ones are near my temple where overnight they suddenly become wings. No big deal if I could wear a hair barrette. But I can't, cause they slip right out of my baby-fine hair in less than 3 minutes.

My point is, one day I wake up and have to get my hair cut that day. Period. :(